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Rotten Politics, Corruption

There are an awful lot of posts about rotten politics and political corruption simply because there is an awful lot of rotten politics and political corruption and it has affected me all of my life and, similarly, you and your lives. I do not like people with power and ‘authority’ making my life difficult and neither should you if you think about it so please stop accepting rotten politics.

We can change politics peacefully, without violence

The Last Post on Politics - 2014 I’ve watched the antics of politicians in our tormented country for nearly three decades and written about it for nearly a year. I’m appalled that we allow these incompetents to run our country for us but we are as much to blame as the individual politicians. 2014-12-23.

A Man Exhibiting Compassion Arrested for Feeding the Poor In the news today (The Independent (UK Newspaper) Thursday 6th November 2014) is a story about a 90-year old man, feeding the poor and destitute, who has been arrested for his compassionate actions. 2014-11-07.

TTIP - The TIP of a large, potentially dangerous and damaging iceberg for the people The TransAtlantic Trade & Investment Partnership, AKA TTIP, a so-called ‘free-trade’ agreement, is a mainly ‘secret’ deal between our government and the American government (who as we all know are aided, abetted and at least part-funded by huge corporations) so why is it ‘secret’? 2014-10-10.

Another Patronizing Clown in Cameron’s Government Another politician has been stupid, patronizing, dismissive and offensive and this seems to be the major characteristic of Cameron’s government. 2014-09-05.

A Bandwagon called Greed Train fares are going up again. No surprise there. The surprise is that no-one rebels, no-one smashes a few windows or burns down a few buildings. People simply accept it as a inevitable fact of life. It is but is it fair? 2014-08-25.

My Grandfather Fought for This? 100 years after the Great Madness started that destroyed most of Europe, countless lives – and we still haven’t learned a thing. 2014-07-28.

War, War, War… …and one more incident in the ongoing, never-ending, pointless War. 2014-07-27.

Racist, Bellicose Propaganda from Fox News Russel Brand exposes some extremely vile propaganda masquerading as ‘news’. 2014-07-28.

Gove: the new Uneducationer More myopic authoritarianism from another misguided politician. How low can politics sink in England? 2014-06-15.

Tribalism As a developed race, we are said to be highly-evolved animals. We have everything that we need and want around us but, mainly, we still behave like unthinking brutes. 2014-05-26.

Just Statistics? They are being murdered because of our uncaring nature. They are being allowed to die because we can’t see it happening, because they are dying a long way away from our dinner tables. 2014-05-25.

No Voice No Confidence No Vote I refuse to waste my time supporting a method that has proved that its main aim is to support itself, make it’s members richer at the expense of the people. 2014-05-24.

Cameron and God’s Work: Blood on the Wall Our slightly disconnected and somewhat ethically and socially befuddled PM, has recently not only found God – but God is now Cameron’s co-worker on earth (he claims). 2014-05-24.

Fingers in the Jam Pot Yet another grubby politician has recently been caught with her sticky fingers in the jam pot. This jam pot is filled with taxes from ordinary hard-working people like you and me. 2014-04-15.

Excuses for Tony Blair According to an article in the UK Guardian newspaper it is time to forget that Tony Blair can be described as a War Criminal and move on to his good points and we should forget that he took we people into a war... 2014-04-15.

Capitalism is Ethical? I have observed the real quality of life deteriorate over the last few decades. Many people complain of working hard for a living, then having to put up with higher costs, poorer food, appalling service from authorities, etc.. It is there to see if you look. 2014-03-14.

Trivia Incorporated Is it just me or is there far too much trivia vomited out by mass media now? 2014-03-07.

Political incompetence – the continuing sad saga While our esteemed Prime Minister, his followers and politicians in general, make silly little laws to control everybody they miss the really important things such as making sure that the rivers... 2014-02-23.

Broken Politics Most sensible people can see that the whole field of politics is corrupted – broken – all over the so-called ‘Western’ world – where politics looks after itself not the people it is supposed to help. 2014-02-18.

The Olympic Games: Bread & Circuses It is always illuminating to step back from events and see them in the context of the present political-social environment – the whole world society or at least, and mainly, the so called ‘Western’ part of it. 2014-02-14.

The Rotten Core of Politics – Fracking and our Potable Water After posting about the dangers to people and our environment caused by the hydraulic (water-based) fracturing of oil-bearing rock, AKA ‘fracking’ – and which are totally dismissed by our current Prime Minister... 2014-02-09.

The Rotten Core of Politics – Fracking There is much resistance to fracking in the UK after many people have read reports in the news, on blogs, on social media and even from ethical banks of how fracking has contaminated water supplies in America... 2014-01-31.


Engaged Philosophy

Mass Corruption We are being conditioned to be mean, selfish, aggressive, intellectually limited, vicious, murderous and stupid by the rich and powerful owners of the mass media – TV, films, ‘news’papers, magazines – so that one group of people... 2014-08-18.

Life Beyond Religious Belief Systems Religion has failed us. By ‘religion’ I mean the popular use of the word to convey institutionalized, religious belief systems and as I am English I am talking mainly of the major religious belief system traditionally current in England. 2014-03-27.

Engaged Philosophy I am quite convinced that if people lived better lives, instead of being focused on the ‘me’, on greed, on selfishness, on money, on mindless consumerism then our world society would change. 2014-02-20.

About Me I have always been an observer, watching, seeing, thinking so I guess I was meant to be a writer from an early age. I started writing when I was around eight years of age; thoughts, journals and even very short stories. 2014-01-21.

About This Blog This blog is mainly about my interests and observations of people who give me concern, who make me despair. I am appalled by the bad behavior of politicians, ‘statesmen’, the banking sector, military leaders, multinational companies... 2014-01-21.


Language Use and Abuse

Distraction is the Message I have had a static website for around 15 years but in december 2013 I started this blog. Since then I have received countless updates about blogs and blogging. I am amazed by the number of styles for blogs and all the additions. In fact I am overwhelmed by them. 2014-05-28.

My English Language I am English but I choose to use Noah Webster’s simplified English spelling, popularly known as ‘American English’ because I think that the English English spelling is idiosyncratic, difficult to remember and takes teachers and learners too much time... 2014-01-21.



Bad behavior on the Internet If anything, the interactive World Wide Web has shown us that many people do not ‘behave appropriately’ toward other people. 2014-05-28.

Saving the Neutrality of our Internet Large, powerful, multinational companies want to take over the control of our European internet. The companies want to buy all the high speeds that are available while we people will have to put up with what is left... 2014-02-20.