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Broken Politics

Most sensible people can see that the whole field of politics is corrupted – broken – all over the so-called ‘Western’ world – where politics looks after itself not the people it is supposed to help.

That is obvious and it has been happening for over a hundred and fifty years and promises to keep happening – looking after itself (the rich and powerful enter politics to become even richer and more powerful) – for at least the next hundred and fifty years and more.

Now that we can communicate with each other using the internet (for the time being) and see what is happening to normal people all over our world I think that we all see the urgency of asking a simple question:

What can we do about this out-of-control control of the people of our world by the few with power over us?

Reading a lot of the blogs here (on Diaspora), I see that there is a focus on events caused by bad politics – in America, Europe, Turkey and neighboring, Iraq and Iran – the list is endless but it is too easy to get bogged down in particulars no matter how horrific.

When I see the horrors of individual events I feel overwhelmed – as I guess a lot of concerned and caring people do now – but for me, one way to not become overwhelmed is to stand back and see the whole picture of events and what is causing them.

I think that if we see the wholeness of events then we might be able to change our society. For example; I see that one cause of this horror is the Olympic Games, which promote competitiveness among people and competitiveness causes separation and disharmony among people (see my ‘The Olympic Games: Bread & Circuses’ post).

We people need to change our world and soon. Does anyone else have any thoughts about how we can change our world society?

(A slightly different version of this was first posted on Diaspora.)


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Date: 2014-02-18.

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