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Our email clients display plain text only for safety so please send plain text emails only and without images (HTML emails are not displayed but although we can read the untidy plain text in them we much prefer plain text emails). Please add some relevant and intelligible text in the subject line.


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You do not have to read the following but it might help

Emails without a relevant and/or intelligible subject are deleted unread.

Potentially unsafe HTML-formatted emails and images in emails are not opened; attachments are only opened if you are well known to us and even then use the international formats of ODT, free-software PDF (NOT Adobe/Acrobat) - free-software standards only please.

Closed-source, nonfree, patent-protected, nonstandard formats such as the bloated and potentially harmful MSWord documents are not wanted and deleted unread. Help to keep the internet free of aggressive corporate control, malware and spyware.

We use ClamAV and Spam Assassin to filter out spam and potential malware.

We like to communicate with like-minded people but need to know if emails are from biological or electronic entities. Unfortunately, in our increasingly unethical, greed-fired, corporate-controlled society the above precautions are now necessary.