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Fingers in the Jam Pot

Yet another grubby politician has recently been caught with her sticky fingers in the jam pot. This jam pot is filled with taxes from ordinary hard-working people like you and me who don’t earn too much but pay a lot in taxes when compared with the extremely rich who have enough clout to bend the system.

So what does our ethically-challenged PM do about this person who has stolen from our taxes to feather her own nest? He does nothing. He tries to sweep it under the carpet and hopes that no one will complain. How wrong could he be?

He doesn’t seem to realize that a lot of people do not like the unethical and immoral behavior from people trusted to do their best for the people who put them (by default) in positions of power and trust. This sort of behavior appears far too often in his decrepit house of politics.

This begs the question: ‘Is he fit to rule?’ Is the whole political system fit to rule us? It seems not. Time and time again we read of politicians grabbing what they can get their hands on for themselves. The huge surprise is that, as the major group of society, we do very little or nothing to stop this immoral and unethical behavior by people who should really set a good example to the masses of society.

What are the young and impressionable learning from all of this? They learn that it is acceptable to grab what they can for themselves and lie and cheat. Is there any surprise that society gets less and less honest and more and more focused on the ‘me’ and ‘mine’, greed and selfishness?

It took public outrage from the more aware politicians and quite a few members of the public to get the offensive and offending politician removed from office and the irony is that she was in charge of culture.

Culture what culture?

Politics is simply not working for the people. That is plain to see if you only take the time to look.


Class: Rotten Politics

Tags: corruption, political-incompetence, political-myopia, unethical Capitalism, greed.

Date: 2014-04-15.

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