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As a race, we are said to be highly-evolved animals called ‘human beings’. We have computers all around us, medical help, education, roads, transport, planes, high-speed communication, food-production, art, music and all the rest of it but, generally, we still behave like unthinking brutes.

Most of us are intelligent – unless we have a damaged brain though illness, accident or narcotics abuse – but most of us do not bother to use our minds. We do not think and therefore we behave stupidly; we become and are stupid, unintelligent, unaware.

Unfortunately, for humanity, a lot of these people go into politics – either because they have over-inflated egos or they have enough family money to buy their way into politics or they lust for more money and power for themselves.

There are too many of us to control so those with power over us divide us into groups. ‘Divide and Rule’ as ‘they’ have been saying for two millennia. The controllers of our society divide us into black-white, young-old, speakers of this language-speakers of that language, believers (easily controlled) nonbelievers (more difficult), conformists-nonconformists, families, groups nations, etc. and then they can control us easily because this forced division produces conflict and people in conflict with everything have little time to see the truth because they are focused on trivia.

This division is Tribalism. There is no other word for it and when we have tribalism we go to war either overtly or covertly.

A war doesn’t have to ‘hot’ – like the World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, etc., etc., etc., it can be a ‘cold’ war – a facing up and a ‘rattling of sabres’ (or nuclear weapons). It can also be ‘secret’ war at zero degrees like the wars to destabilize other countries then putting a puppet controller in power.

When will we all realize that Tribalism is control? We think that we are free but we are in shackles of our own making.

There is only one world and there is only one ‘hyperintelligent’ group on it and if we want to look after our world then we have to stop thinking like tribes and see the plain and simple fact that we are all one group of people – human-beings – on one Earth, with one ecology and one chance to get it right.

Come on people, wake-up and see the facts for yourselves.


Class: Politics

Tags: corruption, loss of freedom, political-myopia, unethical Capitalism, war.

Date: 2014-05-26.

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