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Saving the Neutrality of our Internet

This will affect everyone reading this. Large, powerful, multinational companies want to take over the control of our European internet. The companies want to buy all the high speeds that are available while we people will have to put up with what is left and what is left will be very slow indeed.

Presently, major telecoms companies cannot block, choke or discriminate against legal traffic but that will cease soon if this bill goes through. The large companies will be able to stifle free speech among people if they so wish and I think that most people know that they will want to stifle any criticism of their aggressive and controlling tactics.

Does anyone out there in the UK really think that British Telecom have an excellent customer service? Personally, and from long and horrible experience, I can say that BT customer service is the worst that I have ever suffered from any large company anywhere – and this ‘taking over of our internet’ will only be the first stages.

The internet was for the people to communicate with each other all over the world. The big companies will throttle this down and they could eventually stop us communicating seriously altogether. The ISPs will only allow people to look at what they want people to look at – just like television. Everyone will become a passive consumer of content chosen by those who possess the power.

This has been building up for quite some time and now they are pressing for action. If there isn’t enough done by us to prevent this then we can wave goodbye to another means for the people to communicate with the people.

The European Parliament will decide over our rights and freedoms on 27 February. There is precious little time to preserve our rights.

See Save the Internet at for current information. Avaaz - The World in Action.

“Net neutrality means that all traffic on the internet is treated on an equal basis, no matter its origin, recipient, sender, type of content or the means (e.g. equipment or protocols) used to transmit packets. ”

Don’t leave it too late. When it is gone, it is gone for good.


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Tags: internet-neutrality, loss of freedom, media-control.

Published: 2014-02-20.