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The Last Post on Politics - 2014

I’ve watched the antics of politicians in our tormented country for nearly three decades and written about it for nearly a year. I’m appalled that we allow these incompetents to run our country for us but we are as much to blame as the individual politicians.

I am not saying that all politicians are bad but I do know, from observation, that they are ineffective in running our country in an intelligent, moral and ethical way for the majority of the people. There are many reasons for this regrettable state of affairs.

As Plato said 2000 years ago and is something I’ve misquoted often:

Those of us intelligent enough to go into politics don’t and therefore we are ruled by those who do.”

The implications are obvious.

Most of the politicians seem to be lawyers and as some of us know,

Where there is love rules are not needed.” - Annie Besant (slightly misquoted)

There is obviously no love in this country (but there is plenty of hate). We are all being ruled by an out-dated institution that is no longer fit for purpose in the early 2000s.

The problem, it seems to me, is that the majority of normal, working people are now working much too hard and for far too long in their never-ending quest for money that modern society forces them to do.

I am old, when I married and started a family it was possible for me alone to earn a living good enough to pay all the bills and save up for a modest house.

In England, in the 1970s, Thatcher introduced a cancerous virus into politics based on selfishness and greed, and life started to change into a treadmill for most normal people. I not only lost the best job I had but also too many of my friends and associates who, no longer able to face loss or bankruptcy, ended their lives prematurely, leaving traumatized wives and children. Hell had started in the UK.

Most people do not concern themselves with politics and therefore we get the politicians that we deserve. Although this is easy to say this is not really true. We deserve better; much better, after all, we, all of us produce the wealth of this country. Without us there would be no money. So what is wrong?

It is so simple that people cannot possibly believe it. The answer is in everyone’s hands but most people do not care or simply say, ‘Leave it to someone else.’

When the Scottish nation had the chance recently (2014) to escape from the centralized corruption of London and become independent, they chose to stay with the english politicians. I asked a few scottish people about this and the general opinion was, “Better the devil we know.” This is incredible after the record of the english politicians but this is how people, generally, feel about politics and so it goes.

Anyone who has looked even fleetingly at the political record over just the last 60 years from the end of the 1939-1945 war can see the ineptness of our politicians and their political system. The last few years have seen a major financial disaster for nearly everyone in our society - except the extremely rich who are now even more obscenely rich with all our money but the majority of the people of our country close their eyes to this obscenity because they are too busy trying to survive in this politically-engineered hell.

People, how stupid can you get? Please wake up and see what is happening to us and what will happen to our children.

Give yourselves time and space to observe what is happening to us. See the truth of what is happening to us. If you see clearly then you are half-way to solving this obscene problem of unregulated greed that is killing our society like a viral cancer.


Class: Rotten Politics.

Tags: unregulated greed from the few, unregulated stupidity from we, the masses of people.

Date: 2014-12-24.


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