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Cameron and God’s Work: Blood on the Wall

David Cameron, our slightly disconnected (from reality as most of us know it) and somewhat ethically and socially befuddled PM, has now not only found God – claiming that Jesus started the Big Society 2000 years ago and He (Cameron) is continuing the work of Jesus and by (family) implication God’s work – but he is also and now God’s co-worker on earth – or this small, increasingly wrecked island on it.

I am pleased for Cameron but think that his God might have something to say to him if Cameron does, indeed, go upwards when he expires but from what I see of His (Cameron’s) actions he’ll need asbestos underwear for his eternity. How pathetic can people get? He is simply grabbing straws in his efforts to stay afloat as captain of a sinking ship in the murky sea of politics.

When David Cameron became Prime Minister in 2005, I read the biography and I thought ‘If there is one man who can get this country out of the mire that it is sinking into after Thatcher, Blair (and the forgettable one who left us with a huge pile of debt) started hacking it to bits (then selling them off) it would be D Cameron because:

I also thought that if Cameron doesn’t lift this country out of the mire of corporate and financial greed and nastiness then no-one can ever do it.

So what does he do? He looks after his class ‘old school chums’ while the rest of us can go and howl at the moon. The rest of us might as well be Martians for all Cameron and his class care.

He raises taxes for the masses introducing the iniquitous “bedroom tax” among other burdens for the poor and unemployed (through ill-considered government policies) and gives his rich and privileged friends tax breaks and tax cuts (see the gun tax, corporations tax, lobbying, et al), sells off the Royal Mail cheap to his friends to make a financial killing, wrecks the National Heath Service (another potential cheap bargain for his friends?), wrecks Education (ditto), etc., etc., etc..

And then he gets God on his side to prove that he is a holy man, a super man – higher than the rest of us. He wants people to feel free to follow their faith providing it is Christianity and he says that he gets guidance from his Christian belief. There is no hope.

He has lumped us all together as a homogenized people with one belief when we are a divided nation. However, the division is more political than it is religious. We are divide into two groups:

  1. The masses of us with no or little power (and little money).
  2. The few with all the power (and most of the money).

The few with the power and the money, have systematically taken ‘legally’ (stolen illegally) the money from the rest of us. Our taxes are making the few with power richer and richer. This is what religious belief systems and any belief systems do; belief is all they offer the believers. Belief not reality. It is a confidence trick of the highest magnitude.

When Cameron professes to being a Christian believer he is telling us that he doesn’t look at the reality all around him and us and that he believes that a mythical being will show him what to do.

We are all doomed.

Well, the masses of us are. It is 2014 Mr Campbell, not 1614. People have matured, well some of us have. Most of we little people no longer believe in things that our forebears did. We can all read now and get educated (for the time being) and think for ourselves.

Do I have to quote Plato again?

‘Those of us intelligent enough to go into politics don’t therefore we are ruled by those who do and who are devious, lying, cheating and look after their own…’

(I was creative with the last bit)

Cameron had everything a good Prime Minister would need to make an intelligent and useful leader of our country but he blows it time after time after time.

You can’t keep telling lies Mr Cameron (‘Fracking is good for you’) and expect a high-ranking spiritual being (PM of heaven?) to look on you kindly. You’ve failed the entrance exam, you have no compassion whatsoever, so stop bothering going to church for guidance. ‘Stop telling lies’ is the message on the wall and it is written in blood and it’s for you.

Politics is not working for the majority of the people – anywhere.


Class: Rotten Politics.

Tags: corruption, political-incompetence, political-myopia, unethical Capitalism.

Date: 2014-05-24.

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