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Racist, Bellicose Propaganda from Fox News

I am not a fan of Russel Brand (I threw my TV away years ago) only hearing some forgettable things about him in the mass media but I think that he is doing a very good job of making a certain group of people aware of some of the despicable things happening today, masquerading as news, and one of the most despicable, appalling, racist and lying acts is highlighted in his video about Fox news in America. You might be able to see it here if ‘the faceless ones’ haven’t removed it. It is Russel Brand – The Trews:

Rusell Brand – The Trews about ‘Judge Jeanine’ on Fox news

in which ‘Judge Jeanine’ rants on a program called ‘Justice with Judge Jeanine’.

It is difficult for me to describe the foulness of her rant (and also upsetting). Her language is full of hate, appalling racism and the demonization of other countries so I advise you to see the video for yourself to see her rampant hate speech in action but basically, she describes Iran as ‘the devil’ as though you can sum up a whole country as ‘the devil’, (she is talking about the situation in Iraq). She states that ‘they are coming for us’, ‘we are the infidels’ meaning that they will invade America (which is ridiculous) and she says, possibly about all the people in Iraq or Iran or the whole region or the whole world:


This is truly hate speech from someone with no understanding and no compassion, just a hate-filled individual full of anger. A hatred and anger which will leave the whole world smoldering; America included.

I am so shocked by what she says that I find it difficult to relate everything. She is the most hate-filled person I have ever heard. Please look at it for yourselves. She is demonizing a whole country or a whole region (and this from a country with a somewhat bellicose military).

She obviously has a different interpretation of the word ‘justice’ than most intelligent people have now but it is obvious that intelligent people are not the target audience of her program.

There are many reasons for being alarmed by this rampant hate speech on American mass media; here are just two of them:

  1. The view expressed on Fox news is propaganda of the worst kind aimed at conditioning the minds of the masses of ignorant people who are neither educated nor aware and who are incapable of thinking for themselves, mainly because this is how they have been trained by the groups that control them.
  2. It could start happening in England and Europe soon as more and more people become uneducated (simply trained simply) and not aware and think that the news from the major outlets is the truth, when, at it’s best, it is only a partial view.

Ignorance was once said to be bliss but now it is deadly.

The Fox news video shows how propaganda is being used to shape the thinking of the masses of American people who are incapable of thinking for themselves simply because people who do not think for themselves are like little children, or even worse than little children, and can very easily be manipulated and controlled. It is getting like this in the UK where we are supposed to have a democracy but a democracy where the vast majority of voters are mainly ignorant and stupid by design or default.

Can it get any worse? It is doing. See this:

Russel Brand-The Trews about child refugees

which is more of the same as Russel Brand states, except this time it is refugees and mainly child refugees who are targeted in this hate speech.

What is happening to America, the so-called ‘Land of the free.’? It does not bode well.

Adolf Hitler used this lying propaganda tactic before he laid waste to Europe and killed millions of people – all ordinary people like you and me.

Come on people, wake up to the lies and horror being peddled by these inhuman, cold-blooded monsters before it is too late to change anything. Open your eyes and see.


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Date: 2014-07-28.

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