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About Me

I have always been an observer, watching, seeing, thinking so I guess I was meant to be a writer from an early age. I started writing when I was around eight years of age; thoughts, journals and even very short stories. I continued doing this for several years then stopped around the time that I started to take an interest in women.

My next journal started in my late twenties. I think that I knew then that my life wasn’t really what I wanted so I changed it totally in my late thirties and did what I really wanted to do before my ‘normal’ life killed my spirit.

I gave everything up, destroyed all my early journals in a ‘ceremony’ to celebrate my new life alone but I couldn’t stop writing so I bought my first computer and started my third set of journals in 1990. I have written this journal every day since and still have them all.

I write about what interests me and this is mainly; world politics (this was a surprise for me then); money as a huge problem; food, farming and health; what I call engaged philosophy (see later), ethics morals right-living; the humanities and computering1. Everything that involved people because at base, people are all we have.

I lived and worked in France for a while, lived and worked at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland for a while, then traveled quite a lot around Turkey, with my new partner, and got to know many interesting people there.

I have studied belief systems – Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Paganism, Hinduism, Zen and Tibetan Buddhism among others and was a member of a Buddhist group for a while until I felt that there was something not quite right with it all.

Around this time I discovered the works of J Krishnamurti and I knew, immediately, that what he says is right although at the time I couldn’t understand much of it. I persevered and I see it now; I had a lot of conditioning to overcome. I study the so-called ‘teachings’ and try to practice right living in this generally corrupt and corrupting society.

I am mainly English with some French blood from my mother’s side. I still feel a pull to go back to France. I felt quite at home when I lived and worked in Aquitaine.

I presently live in a remote area of England where I write books to give form to my thoughts, observations and concerns. I hope readers find them useful.


  1. I invent new words. I studied language for 8 years so I can. ‘Computering’ means ‘anything connected with using a computer’. Try it. I might make a small dictionary containing my made-up words but blogs are long and life is short.


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Published: 2014-01-21.