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A Bandwagon called Greed

Train fares are going up again. No surprise there. The surprise is that no-one rebels, no-one smashes a few windows or burns down a few buildings. People simply accept it as a inevitable fact of life. It is but is it fair?

While the owners of these privatized businesses that ‘serve the people’ get richer and fatter the people who use and pay for the railway service pay more of their hard-earned money to support the owners who are often located in far-off countries. Where is the sense in that for the hard-working people of this country?

The privatized railway service, the electrical supply companies, the water companies, the gas companies, the postal services are all on the bandwagon called greed and are targets for the rich who simply want to get richer no matter how. Greed produces greed and economics without compassion is deadly to our society. We are all – the normal people of society – constantly under attack.

Allowing foreign investors to own British services and companies is very good for financial groups. Allowing foreign investors to own British services and companies destabilizes social groups – us - because we are the cow that is milked time after time after time and we all watch as we get poorer and the owners get richer. We are divided by greed, money and stupidity and it can only get worse.

Of course, a divided society is easier to rule and manipulate by the owners who are those with all the money and, therefore, all the power in this messed-up, money-based society. The owners are not necessarily the government (but they can be directly or indirectly). The owners have all the companies, that were once British, and are abroad - far out of reach of the little people who pay all the bills. These companies were once owned by British people. Britain has been sold off to foreign investors who are totally unanswerable, totally without morals, ethics compassion and totally out of touch with the majority of our society .

A stable country is one that is more or less self-sufficient in fuel, food and utilities and Britain was (mainly) at one time. That is, until Thatcher started the rot of privatization that is eating the heart out of Britain. Blair continued the rot with his petty laws, lies and deceit, Cameron just stands there and laughs at us all (he can afford to laugh; train fares have risen 25% since he came into power and everything else that we are taxed with rises and rises at an alarming rate).

The politicians are the agents of this divisive change. We people must be the agents of positive change to reunite our society and make it whole.


Class: Rotten Politics.

Tags: corporate greed, political lies, greed, stupidity.

Date: 2014-08-25.

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