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This blog is mainly about my interests and observations of people who give me concern, who make me despair. I am appalled by the bad behavior of politicians, ‘statesmen’, the banking sector, military leaders, multinational companies and the apathy of the general masses who seem unconcerned with all the corruption, all the murderous wars being fought by powerful countries wanting more power. The poor people suffer most, then the general populations but what do we all do about this corruption? Generally, we do very little.

We are sometimes told that we are a developed animal but look at the corruption, the greed, wars that murder and maim people like you and me. I don’t think that this is the action of an intellectually-developed animal.

We pollute and destroy the once-beautiful place, the only place, where we all live – our Earth – and too many people stand by and watch as the rich and powerful rape the environment for short-term gain.

Dear people, this simply will not do. The rich and powerful have far too much control over us. They have become corrupted by their power. We are at a turning point, a cusp, in our development as a race. Do we want to live peacefully, as guardians of the Earth and our environment or do we want to be automatons under the control of a few rich, powerful but corrupt and corrupting families?

The answer is in your hands and your heart. Think of your children or the ones you might have.

Of course a lot of people are doing good things but they are not enough.

Please make time to think about this for yourself and see the plain facts.

Having said all that, I want to be light as well. Life is lightened by humor, joy, pleasure, being with the right people and in the right environment.

Most of my books are driven by my concerns above. I hope that some people will find them, and my thoughts, useful but don’t accept blindly what I am saying. Read them, think about them but make your own minds up. No-one else should do this for you.


Class: Information.

Tags: politics, seeing, society, people.

Published: 2014-01-21.