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Excuses for Tony Blair

According to an article in the UK Guardian newspaper it is time to forget that Tony Blair can be described as a War Criminal and move on to his good points and we should forget that he took we people into a war that was based on misinformation, a bending of the truth, a removal of facts and the addition of ‘terminological inexactitudes’. In other words, ‘LIES’.

We are being asked to forget about all the men, women and children violently killed as a result of a secret deal done with the then president of the USA, and others who are nameless and shameless, to massage the facts and get public opinion on their side although it didn’t really work but Blair had the power and the backing of big government then.

I find it extremely difficult to forget that Blair took us into an unfounded, unjust and illegal war so that another country could keep control of an area of our world and maintain an oil supply for itself. That is all right is it?

I remember listening to events as they unfolded and couldn’t believe my ears at the lies and deception from our then Prime Minister. He more or less dismissed all the work by Hans Blick and his team of highly-skilled investigators as incompetent. That is all right is it?

Well it is neither right nor just to dismiss that Iraq war as if it never happened and let Blair off the hook.

The journalist who suggests that we should forget Blair’s murderous misdeeds and move on is demented, immoral, unethical and somewhat intellectually challenged. What she said is like saying:

“OK, Hitler did a few things wrong (laid waste to Europe, violently killed a few million ordinary men, women and children, stole cultural artifacts, invented weapons of mass destruction, caused unbelievable trauma and heartbreaks for generations of people, etc., etc., etc.) but that is all right because he gave us the Volkswagen.”

How inhuman can people get? It is nearly beyond belief but, unfortunately, journalists can behave unintelligently, as politicians do now.

People keep bringing it up and going through the motions of making citizen’s arrest on him because there has been no closure on Blair being perceived as a war criminal and there never will be until he faces a court of justice. He won’t, of course, because the justice system in the UK is as corrupt and corrupting as the political system.

There is one thing that we will remember Blair for; Blair made it politically correct to lie.

Come on people, wake up – before it is too late. Politics isn’t working for us.


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Date: 2014-04-15.

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