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War, War, War


…and one more incident in the ongoing, never-ending, pointless War

Another day another war – except war has never stopped; it is The War. The War was being raged when I was born during the so-called ‘World War 2’ and war has happened every day since. What an awful welcome into this world and I have no reason to believe that this ever-present, continuing war will end before I die. I call it ‘The War’ because it keeps happening all the time, day after day after day.

The news about the passenger plane shot down over the Ukraine must have affected everyone who read about it. If it didn’t then they are mentally and spiritually dead; inhuman. The fact that a passenger plane full of normal men women and children was blasted out of the sky killing everyone aboard raises many questions, some of which are below:

What have we learned by this avoidable tragedy – if anything? Very little it seems. The plane is down, the passengers, children and crew all dead. Nothing will bring them back. If anything, we all owe those dead people, and their grieving families and friends, a moral and ethical debt to ensure that this never happens again.

Making wild guesses as to the cause is not going to help. That will provoke more war.

Accusing this side or that side will not solve anything. That will only provoke more war.

Threatening revenge will not help – that will only provoke more war.

Threatening sanctions will not help – that will only provoke more war.

There is a pattern. Therefore, some group wants there to be more division in the world, more unquestioning belief, more anger and more control over what people do and think. This group obviously wants to provoke more war.

We, all of us, myself included allowed this particular tragedy to happen because:

Of course I could go on but I hope that a seed has been sown. We owe it to all those killed in this pointless, senseless, inhuman act of The War.


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Date: 2014-07-27.

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