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The Olympic Games: Bread & Circuses

It is always illuminating to step back from events and see them in the context of the present political-social environment – the whole world society or at least, and mainly, the so called ‘Western’ part of it.

Although widely enjoyed by some, the Olympic Games can be seen as ‘Bread and Circuses’. In other words, something offered by the temporary rulers of our society and welcomed by the masses of people as a diversion from the problems that the rulers are inflicting on us and also to divert our attention from what our rulers are really doing to control us by stealth.

The games can be seen as a palliative, relieving but not curing the ills produced by our rulers and suffered by we people. The games are no different to current television which is probably the biggest government-financed (using our money) narcotic palliative of all.

In one way, of course, we want ‘Bread and Circuses’ or we would reject and ignore them, so we share the myopia of the circuses with our present rulers – both our politically elected rulers and our unelected commercial ‘rulers’, who are obviously more powerful than the politicians and who claim, very publicly, that the games produce more trade – as if the whole world is based on money alone.

It seems pointless to point out that these games are ‘competitive’ but most people, it seems, do not see this. The games promote competitiveness in our world society but if we people were not competitive than there would be no more wars.

However, it seems, that this is not what the people with power want. Wars produce vast profits for the few and horror and death for many.

Please take time to consider this and see the facts for yourselves.

How far have we progressed in 2000 years and what do the next 2000 years promise if we carry on with our persistent myopia?


Class: Politics.

Tags: competition, corruption, political-myopia, war.

Date: 2014-02-14.

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