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The Rotten Core of Politics – Fracking

There is much resistance to fracking in the UK after many people have read reports in the news, on blogs, on social media and even from ethical banks of how fracking has contaminated water supplies in America, can cause minor earth tremors and generally pollutes the environment.

America and Canada, where fracking has been happening for years, are both immensely large countries. The UK is a small and over-populated island with limited land resources and limited water supply and yet our PM, David Cameron, wants us to welcome, with open arms (and empty minds), something that can contaminate our water supplies and our land.

Most intelligent people who have researched fracking, do not want fracking to happen here but the large companies who can frack and want to frack here have more money and more political clout than we normal people. The large companies can lobby and promise enhancements to the politicians, that we put into power, to look after our interests. So what does our esteemed leader do? He offers financial bribes to our local authorities after cutting their (our) money supply.

How low can politicians sink? (I should not have said that; they’ll prove that the depth to which they can sink is beyond imagination). Politicians should set a good example for people to follow but if we follow politicians methods now we will end up in a totally money-driven, rat-eat-rat society where the fittest are also the ‘fattest’.

We had Thatcher – the hatchet-woman of our coal-production industry, the mining communities which supported it and who sold our water to private companies (and took us into a ‘war’ over a small island far away).

We had Blair – the hatchet-man of honesty and truth who then followed on with a murderous war which killed countless men, women and children for oil and power.

Now we have Cameron – the hatchet-man of ethical behavior.

We deserve better than this – and we don’t have to put up with it either.

See Marcellus Shale on youtube. Watch this while you can, before a fracking company pressurizes youtube to remove it. Watch the methane in the domestic tap water being ignited with a match (link lost).

See also Vera Scroggins on youtube (link lost.)

The UK Co-operative Bank sent out leaflets some years ago about the very real ecological dangers produced by fracking in Canada and the USA.


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Tags: fracking, pollution, misinformation, filthy money, lies.

Date: 2014-01-31.

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