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Mass Corruption

We are being conditioned to be mean, selfish, aggressive, intellectually limited, vicious, murderous and stupid by the rich and powerful owners of the mass media – TV, films, ‘news’papers, magazines – so that one group of people with financial wealth and the power that huge wealth provides in this money-based society can control the other group of people that makes up the conglomerate known as ‘society’ and use the masses1 (all of us) to further their aims of amassing more and more wealth for themselves and therefore more power, total power, so that they can do as they like with our home and its resources – the planet that we all call, ‘Earth’.

What their intentions are after this is unknown but when they – the controllers - own all the money and all of the Earth’s resources, which were previously ours, until we let them take it all away from us, they can easily build deep-space vehicles and go off to colonize other planets to wreak their hell on those and therefore become more money-rich and more powerful but totally unethical.

If you think that this is far fetched, science-fiction, fantasy or make-believe then you haven’t been watching events unfolding over the last several decades at least. You have been dumbed down like little children, diverted from seeing the truth by the growing pollution of trivialities that grab your limited attention, while you struggle harder and harder to earn an increasingly meager and desperate living to support yourself and your family if you can afford one.

Open your eyes and see the truth all around you, for the sake of our world society, all of our children, our future. There is another way to live and it costs nothing2.


Note 1
I know that the word ‘mass’ has connotations of common, uneducated, manual-working people - the people at the bottom of the divisive hierarchy that has been constructed to control us - the people who work with their hands and probably get dirty doing this - but I think the meaning of the term has changed over the years since the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and beyond because ‘society’ has changed. I use the term to include everyone who works in a (probably boring) job and is subservient to a privileged ‘master’ (line-manager, admin person, over-looker, etc.) so this includes many so-called ‘white collar’ workers now: bank clerks, teachers, hospital staff - everyone who is controlled by an elitist controller. I am a part of this mass because I have little or no apparent power in society - like the rest of the masses. The only people who are not in the ‘masses’ are the ‘top controllers’ of our broken and broken-up society (politicians; top-level financiers and bankers; media controllers; the obscenely wealthy, etc.) in the UK and in the whole of the western world at least.

Note 2
We, the controlled masses, do have an enormous amount of quiet and peacful power. It is there if you look.


Class: Engaged philosophy.

Tags: mass corruption, political control, ethical living, right living, seeing the truth.

Date: 2014-08-18

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