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Politics: Gove - the new Uneducationer

Gove, our so called ‘education’ minister here in increasingly blighted Blitey, is behaving like a right-wing censor, dictating what the future generation, our children, can and cannot read.

How can we allow a politician who behaves unintelligently (or worse) to dictate what people can and cannot read and study? This repressive act is politically-motivated conditioning, controlling, brain washing, call it what you will, by someone in a position of power who exhibits very little overall intelligence.

All right, he did a degree in English but when I did mine I saw that not everyone who gets a degree is intelligent, in a broader sense, and Gove has proved that, in educational issues, he behaves in an unintelligent way or is it simply devious?

Possibly, the reasoning behind his plot is to stop people becoming aware of what might be termed as radical or ‘left-wing’ perspectives on life while Gove obviously prefers his ‘right-wing’ ideology.

This simply will not do. Politics should keep it’s long, dirty and corrupting nose out of education. Since politicians started meddling with the education of our children education in England has gone downhill faster than the value of our money, faster even than the value of truth.

In fascist States the first thing the fascists do is burn the books then imprison or kill the intellectuals who have dangerous ideas; ‘dangerous’ meaning not in line with the right-wing fascists who want to preserve the status quo with the few in power dictating what the masses without power can do and think. Gove is censoring by stealth – that is clear to see.

What surprises me is that there is only a relatively small outcry about Gove’s tactics of changing education into training. Dogs can be trained and so it seems, and unfortunately, so can people but if we allow ourselves to be trained then we give away all freedoms: freedom of speech, freedom of actions (within reason), freedom to read and think what we want. In short the freedom to be.

Gove and his cronies do not want people to be free. He and they obviously want more uneducated ‘idiots’ simply because masses of uneducated ‘idiots’ are easier to control. The road to hell is paved with ‘good intentions’ but that road is much faster when people like Gove use bad ones.

Politics serves only the politicians; see that – while you still can.


Class: Politics.

Tags: censorship, corruption, misinformation, political extremism, the ruination of education, et al.

Date: 2014-06-15.

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