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Just Statistics?

25 each minute
1,526 each hour
36,615 each day
256,305 each week
1,025,220 each month
12,302,640 each year

(Do you know what the figures are?)

80% are children


They are being murdered because of our uncaring nature. They are being allowed to die because we can’t see it happening, because they are dying a long way away from our dinner tables.

Out of site out of mind and out of our hearts as well.

While we allow our society to be increasingly filled with obscenely rich people these abhorrently poor people die for want of clean water and clean food.

We all allow this to happen because we are too idle to go to the obscenely rich and say,

“This is inhuman, it is enough and has to stop. Give your money to help prevent these people from dying because these people are our family and if you don’t then we will cast you out of our family.”

12.3 million each year. There is little or no mention of this in the ubiquitous mass media but if one celebrity dies that gets the full front-page treatment. Celebrities are more important than dying children. What a sick society we have all produced.

The world produces enough food to support the world’s population. However, in the time it took you to read the title of this post, 2 children died from starvation.

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See also Wikipedia-starvation


Class: Rotten Politics - also Rotten Society.

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Date: 2014-05-25.

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