Keith Gascoigne




We have watched as our authority has been taken away from us. We have lost our authority by default. It is now held by those-with-authority. We have none or very little. This suits those-with-authority. They can control the direction society goes in either for our good or for our bad. Multinational companies, banks, the mass-media, governments control the rest of us - the-masses-with-no-authority.

We can take back our authority - without the violence, without the aggression, without the power needed by those-with-authority simply, without tools or methods. We can do this simply by observation, by seeing the reality clearly.

If we all observe what is, what is happening to all of us without authority - observe what we are doing to our society, our environment then we will have taken the first step of a short but monumentous journey.

We will save society so that our children will not be enslaved by those-with-authority. We will save our children from the appalling actions of those-with-authority but without intelligence or compassion.

We will not poison our land in which we grow the food that we eat in the pursuit of profit for the few. We will not cut down our forests in the pursuit of profit for the rich. We will not poison our oceans, killing whales and fish in the pursuit of profit or sport for the uncaring and we will not poison our air.

If we see that we are the earth, the forests, the oceans, everything - and this doesn't take any working out at all - then we will stop this rape of our world by those-with-authority and power.

If we poison the air that we breath, if we pollute the soil that grows our food, if we poison the rivers and the oceans, destroy the forests, we will all die. We cannot live without our environment. We are the environment. See this simple truth and act.


If the above interests you then please see my book, The Future is You about authority and how it affects everyone. I also explore belief and belief-systems and why we are in the appalling state that we are are in and what we can all do about it. I hope that many people will read it and change society. I think that what is said in the book is important for the whole of humanity.