Keith Gascoigne


The Future is You


The Future is You

ISBN: 978-0-9931510-3-3

This book is for all intelligent, thinking men and women who are aware that something is seriously wrong with the society in which we all live.

The book first examines major things wrong with society, then asks a simple question: ‘Do we want to continue living like this or do we want to change?’ Reasons for our present predicament are explained, then a simple, achievable way of producing positive changes for every member of our world society are explored. Reading this book will change your life - seriously, if you read it, understand it and act. Everything in this book is factual and provable.

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Genre: Factual - engaged philosophy grounded in current affairs.

Readers: All thinking and concerned people.

Length: 50,500 words.

Style: An easy to understand style with a logical progression to allow the meaning to shine through.

Topicality: High as more people realize that world society is at a turning point.

I spent a lifetime researching, asking questions, traveling around, observing, seeing what is. All you have to do is give yourself 30 minutes each day for about a week, read it, think about it a little and want to change the world for the better - and you will if you want to.

Join the growing number of people already aware of the problems we have all allowed to happen by default and who are working to improve society for ourselves, our children - the future.

From the Foreword

“No intelligent person aware of the present world situation - the societies that make up the countries, the states - can deny that humanity is diseased. In fact, humanity is sick. Increasing pollution of the air, seas and land, continuing and growing economic catastrophes with many people losing their savings, pensions and homes while the few grow rich. Growing belligerence from the military who appear to manipulate or control governments, a few rich families who own the finances of countries and governments and who control the destiny of the masses of people on this planet. Growing control over the population with ever-increasing laws, the despair of the people shown by the rising amount of narcotics taken to allay the horror of present day life - the list is endless for those who see.

This book is for those who see and also those who suspect that all is not well with us. Seeing the reality - the problem - is half-way to solving the problem. Seeing the reality clearly is solving the problem but, at the moment, few see clearly. This book will point the finger.”


1 What is wrong with us?
2 The present and why it is so
3 Political control of we the people
4 How we can start putting this right
5 The quiet revolution of the mind
6 Right education
7 Educating one’s self
8 Education our children - the future
9 The potential future
10 Finger pointing at the moon
11 J Krishnamurti
12 True dialogue
Recommended books, films, videos
Krishnamurti study centers
Forming a dialogue group
The Author’s books
The Essential Internet
Reading groups
End notes

A list of contacts to help you on your way is at the back. You are not alone.

This book might appear to be short but the information and guidance in it is immense.

If you think that my book, The Future Is You is informative, true, useful and helpful then please, for the sake of all humanity, tell your friends about it. The intelligent among us cannot afford not to read this book.

I honestly believe that reading and understanding this book will change people and our society into a caring, sharing and equal society instead of one based on greed and stupidity. Namely:

Together, we can stop this and make a better world for ourselves and our children.

Keith Gascoigne