Keith Gascoigne




On the Beach at Findhorn

A personal account of living, working and being in the world-famous, Findhorn Spiritual Community in Scotland. A book for all seekers of the Spirit.

ISBN: 978-0-9931510-0-2 (ebook)

Travels in Turkey

Independent travel writing before mass tourism started in Turkey. Journeys to many regions and accounts of meeting normal Turkish people. An exploration of parts of Turkey that most tourists do not know about.

ISBN: 978-0-9931510-2-6 (ebook)

The Future is You

Engaged philosophy on current world events. If the readers of this book think about it, see it and act upon it then our world will change.

ISBN: 978-0-9931510-3-3 (ebook)


What is Wrong with Us is my current project, presently in a part draft 1 form. Will be available in paperback format. Click on the WiWwU link to read the progress report.

(Cover images might be slightly different.)

My ebooks are no longer available from Smashwords, Apple ibooks (or anywhere) at the moment, for reasons mainly, but not totally, beyond their control. After months of cogitation I have removed them. My writer’s blog contains more information about why I came to this decision; scroll down to the Epublishing section. In short, I discovered that epublishing, in general, is a greed-filled sewer of cheats, dissemblers and opportunists.

Layout Design and Formatting

I write the typescripts, edit them over many months, prepare and convert them to the correct format. I like my books to look right. As I use foreign language glyphs and characters in some of my books, I embed the free-software, UTF-8 Liberation Serif font sets in them, which displays everything correctly.

As I spend a lot of time writing I insist on the finished book looking good on the screen and as print but rather than let someone else convert them (and get them nearly right), all the preparation and conversions are done in-house to get them as good as is possible for the reader. The covers are also designed in-house for the same reason. It all takes time but is the only way.

Future writing projects

I do not like writing about writing projects as some have stalled - one science-fiction TS after a year spent researching and outlining and another travel book which is too controversial to continue with at the moment. I also have an irreverent satire finished, Bizarre Central, which needs editing - if I think it might interest readers.

For over three years I have been working on my last nonfiction book, What is Wrong With Us. This, more or less, follows on from the previous ebook, The Future is You but is somewhat contentious because people simply don’t take notice unless they feel a little annoyed and I feel it is my purpose in life to be an annoyer, to kick the walls of your defenses and shout, ‘WAKE UP! THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE.’ This book should be finished soon and be for sale as a print version in the UK.

Notes and ideas are continually being scribbled down for the first of three logical-fiction books, with the working title of Renaissance, and ideas are surfacing for more. However, writing (and publishing) is (are) long; time and life be short.

All my books are protected by international copyright.