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I said that I wouldn’t write another blog on the unintellgent, idiotic politicians that we had and still have and then Blair came back into the limelight. This is my open letter to Blair which appeared on my front page the day that the Chilcot Enquiry into the illegal and immoral Iraq war (encouraged by Blair in the UK) was released.

An Open Letter to Blair

Blair: your arrogance, your lack of intelligence, your lack of foresight, your lack of compassion, your complete dismissal of the masses of intelligent compassionate, honest people you were put into power to serve, your disgraceful and shameful act, your murderous lust; the results of all this -


You were not a leader. You were a follower and all followers are second-hand people having no thoughts or plans of their own and are always in a blind awe of the leader no matter how flawed that leader might be.

It was so obvious before you started this immoral, illegal invasion of a country that you were going to do what YOU wanted no matter what other more intelligent people said. You ignored the findings of Hans Blix who has more intelligence and compassion than you, and the considered and intelligent observations of others around you and as a result of your disregard of the people, your obvious feelings of self-importance, your huge ego, hundreds of thousands of human beings died needlessly and pointlessly.

I feel shame to be called ‘English’ because of you, I have no trust in politics now because of you, I hate everything you and your type stand for and many others feel the same way. You are despicable, disgusting, less than a worm because of your evil actions. You acted like a tyrant - without any thought for normal human beings working hard, raising families, trying to live normal lives, not only here but also, and mainly, in the country you invaded.

You have probably caused more damage to the potential for good, healthy societies than Hitler, Stalin and all the others put together. The echoes of your evil act will roll down the decades like a cancerous fog. You are the prime exhibit in humanity’s Hall of Shame, simply because you had the power but you had no heart to guide you, so you followed. You were, and still are, an inhuman, empty shell.

Hate, anger and disgust will be with you - all the way ...


Keith Gascoigne.


A D Dhopeshwarkar commented on this similar appalling, egotistical behavior many years ago:

“The government of a state, as an instrument for regulating the relations between citizens and between nations serves a definite practical purpose but when it is exploited for personal or national aggrandizement it becomes destructive of human security and happiness.”


There is another, older, blog on Blair here: Tony Blair Tony Blair is very well-off, lives in a nice house, has a wife, has some children, is still alive, still well and still free. Unlike the countless thousands if not up to one million people killed, maimed, traumatized, by his crime to illegally invade Iraq in 2003. 2015-02-14.