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Tony Blair

Tony Blair is very well-off, lives in a nice house, has a wife, has some children, is still alive, still well and still free. Unlike the countless thousands if not up to one million people killed, maimed, traumatized, by his crime to illegally invade Iraq in 2003.

I listened to the build up, as it happened, in disbelief. There was no logical, legal, moral reason to invade a foreign country. It was a fit-up, a devious plan with a (partially) hidden agenda arranged by George W Bush and Tony Blair and probably at their meeting in January 2003. I was incensed, disgusted, confused. I didn’t know at the time that countless people also saw this disgusting lie. I joined the ‘Stop The War Coalition’ but I knew that this would not stop this so obvious liar from getting his evil way.

I feel that I owe something to some of the countless thousands of men, women and children killed and I will keep ‘snapping at this evil man’s heels like a mad dog’ - except I am not crazed; I am 100% sane compared with a man who orders and causes the deaths of masses of people. As human-beings, we all owe a lot to the people killed ‘in our name’ by this despicable act of a man with power.

Blair was probably thinking of the aphorism that someone else has been credited with using,

Never underestimate the stupidity of the masses.

However, Blair was as wrong with that as he was in making the decision to murder the masses of people in another country without a solid, moral reason. He underestimated or dismissed the intelligence of the people in the UK and we must put this inhuman man where he rightly and justly belongs and that is before a court of law where he must be judged for his crime against humanity, his crime against world peace.

The fact that Blair has not been prosecuted proves that the leaders and government of this country are both corrupt and evil. If an ordinary citizen had done anything remotely like what Blair did then that ordinary citizen would be in prison now and probably for the rest of his life.

Anyone who can see, now knows how corrupt and corrupting British politics is and I for one will not vote any more because I will be supporting a system that is above the law if it believes that it can take the citizens of this country into a war that they do not want and that they suspected all along was based on lies, misinformation and was, therefore, mass murder. In short, the political system in this country serves itself not the people of this country who pay all the bills, who are more intelligent than the politicians believe and who, being more humane than most politicians, dislike the mass murder of fellow human beings.

The war was illegal morally, it was illegal ethically but obviously, according to the political and legal systems of this country, as we have all now seen: it was not illegal for Blair to lie and deceive us and take us into a war that killed countless people.

Blair should hang his head in shame. He appears to think that he can be a Christian, probably to make himself look good in the eyes of the world but could it be to make him feel better at night when he is alone with his thoughts? The primary tenet of most, if not all, religions is, ‘Thou shalt not kill.’ but this has been ignored by many - especially the powerful politicians and Blair should take no comfort in ‘believing in God’ because his actions prove what sort of a man he is and religious he is not.

Shame on the British people if he remains a free man and is allowed to escape any punishment for the mass murder known as the Iraq War.

And shame on me for being so angry but someone has to be.


See the Arrest Blair website for more information and how to act like a moral and ethical citizen.


Postscript: The 17th of March 2013 was the date that Blair’s government, followed by the rest of us, went to war with Iraq and started the bombing and killing so I suggest that 17th March be an ‘Arrest Blair’ day until he is legally arrested and legally tried for the crime that he willfully committed. It would be good if someone with the energy would start this but whatever is done must be done legally, peacefully and without violence. We should never copy the violence of those with power.


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Date: 2015-02-14.

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