Keith Gascoigne


On the Beach at Findhorn


On the Beach at Findhorn

ISBN: 978-0-9931510-0-2

Many people dream of moving to an alternative community, to escape the pressures of everyday life and seek something better - a saner way of living. The author turned the dream into reality and left to live in the Findhorn Foundation Community. He met people from all over the world there, all doing the same thing. He kept a journal, detailing his thoughts, feelings and experiences and this journal forms the basis of the book.

On the Beach at Findhorn is one man’s spiritual journey or at least a first part of it.

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On the Beach at Findhorn

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Genre: Factual account of personal development, self-development, self-improvement.

Readers: aware seekers of a sustainable, saner way of life than most are leading today.

Length: 77,800 words.

Style: light, serious, reflective. Both an inner and an outer journey toward a realization.

Topicality: high as more people realize that we simply cannot maintain the consumerist, bellicose, selfish road to ruin that we are all on.

The Dream Made Real

The book relates how the writer came to go to Findhorn, what pressures and attractions drove him there and how he first encountered the community.

After making the difficult decision to move there he went on a series of courses, working in the Foundation and got to know how the community worked, it’s aims and it’s challenges.

This book relates the writer’s progress through the course of events, both real and inner, while he worked, played and got involved there.

Life is rich there and every year spent in the Findhorn Foundation is like ten years in the outside world.


The moon and the mud: The background to going to the Findhorn Foundation.

Experience Week: The first week at the Findhorn Foundation, the hot one, the ‘honeymoon’.

Experiencing Community Life: The second week with the Findhorn Foundation: the cold one, the inner depths - and the decision to move to Findhorn.

Living in Community as a Guest: The first, quiet, studious month at the Foundation’s Cluny College and getting to know the place, the process, the people and a new way of life. The second hard-working month in a work department and getting into the rhythm of life at both Cluny College and The Park at Findhorn. ‘Looking for a voice. Cleaning the space.’ The final month of the LCG course at Cluny and starting to contribute, as a new team, to the richness of life there. The transition to the hub at The Park.

SEVA: Full time in the work department as a SEVA volunteer looking after the maintenance of the buildings and guest chalets. Cofocalizing the work department, involvement with events and programs and helping with the day-to-day running of the Foundation and on some of the educational courses. Participation in the ecovillage project and other projects until the realization that he will be better placed to help in the Open Community.

Open Community: Involvement with the development of the Welcome Center project, the Ecological Recycling project, the ecovillage project, the men’s group, and other things - until, standing naked in a frost-covered field (it was dark, gentle reader), the fiery serpent bites it’s tail.

There are books about the history, development and aims of the Findhorn Foundation. This book relates the experiences of being there and working through the process.

‘The unexamined life is not worth living.’ - Socrates.


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