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Writing the text of ‘On the Beach at Findhorn’

My first ebook is nearly ready. It needs a final edit and then converting to epub format. All going well, it should be uploaded to Smashwords soon. Here is a little of the background which led me to write the book.

I made the decision to go to the Findhorn Foundation Intentional Community in North Scotland after trying unsuccessfully to find meaningful work in our, generally, meaningless society fueled by GNP and ‘efficiency’. I knew that there had to be more to life than money.

It wasn’t any easy decision and I thought about for a few years. Then I met someone who had just returned from Findhorn and I felt fired-up to go. I reduced my possessions and left for a new life. It certainly was not easy; it was difficult decision for me to pack-up my old life and start again and in a different country with different customs and practically a different language and there was my partner to consider.

People from all over the world live and work at the Findhorn Foundation so I didn’t feel too alone. The majority of people there were from ‘somewhere else’ and different so we all did what we could to help each other. I lived and worked with people from America, Canada, France, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Japan and other countries and learned a lot about different cultures and perspectives. I didn’t have to go abroad to experience different cultures – the people were all here. That aspect of living and working at the Foundation was eye-opening and enriching and helped me to see that we the people of the world are all the same.

It is the politicians and military who want to keep we people different because of their lust for power, money and their over-large egos. I think more people should spend a little time at least in an intentional, international community.

I’ve never been a follower and I think that, in some ways, I was expected to follow a lot of people even at Findhorn but instead I made my own way. Some people didn’t like this and told me so, others applauded and supported me.

Life is rich at Findhorn. Of course, it isn’t perfect. Findhorn is, after all, made up of people and people are people. There were heated discussions, long disagreements, interminable meetings but most people worked through all this. The one’s who couldn’t left.

Most people stay for a year or two and then move on. Some stay for years while others can’t cope with the pressure and leave after a month. I planned to stay on and live there but the universe knew different.

I stayed there for over two long years and as a lot of the ‘process’ there involved looking at how I related to people and things there was a lot of meditation every day (and a lot of work). I kept notes in exercise books and eventually copied them to my computer.

Reading through them one day I could see a progression and thought that others contemplating doing the same sort of thing might find my experiences useful so a few years later I wrote them up into a book. I was never really certain of what I had learned there but while writing the book TS it became obvious to me so it helped my see that part of the journey that I was still on.

I kept the content of the book as a personal account because there are many books about the aims and the history of the Findhorn Foundation. This ebook is how I perceived my time at Findhorn. It is personal.

I recommend everyone to make their own journey of discovery and make time to read their own book sometime. The world would be a far better place.

On The Beach at Findhorn


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Tags: ethical-living, personal development, spiritual communities, spiritual development.

Published: 2014-03-28.