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Writing The Future is You

I had been wanting to write this book for several years but did not have the courage. Then something happened that made me write it before it was too late. I had no choice if I wanted to get it out into the world. It poured out. Some days I would be typing like mad and thinking of other things. There was a definite split between my fingers pressing the keys and my conscious mind. I wrote the first six chapters without having to think about it. The text was probably stored up in my mind. Of course, I sometimes had to stop to check the facts stated in the first part but part two came out of the æther, fully formed.

Part of my long resistence was not wanting to interpret what Krishnamurti, the teacher who’s work drives the book, was saying. I did not want to set myself up as a guru, a teacher or ‘one who knows’ but I was burning to get other people to hear about Krishnamurti and see, for themselves, what he said. That was the message that I wanted to shout from the roof tops. ‘Read what this man says.’ My book is ‘a finger pointing at the moon.’

From an early age I have read about Buddhism after rejecting other so-called ‘religions’, so much of what I write is based on Buddhist principles. I have read widely and use the authors who influenced my thinking. It is all in the book and I don’t pretend that much of it is my thinking. Parts of it might be and I accept responsibility for them. However, I have observed the human animal and society for decades.

I know full well that only a very small percentage of the population will be interested in the content of this book - maybe 5%. Of this 5% only another 5% will do something about it after reading it and only another 5% of that second 5% will actually make the decision to live the teachings. That is not many people but a few people can change world society. They will know, as I know, as Krishnamurti said that human beings, the world population needs to see the truth, the ‘what is’ as Krishnamurti calls it and stop seeing what they want to see and to stop not wanting to see what is actually happening to them, us.

I have done my best with this book. It is up to the readers.

I might find time to convert the text into a print book later this year. Many people, myself included, like print books and I can send print copies to people who might be interested to read the contents - especially the authors and thinkers who I have quoted in my book and who have informed me about the terrible state of our world society. We have to do something before it is too late. After all, the future really is you.

The Future is You