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This blog is for both my writing and my epublishing endeavors. I split it into two because I enjoy writing but the more I learn about the epublishing business the more confused and disheartened I get.

Intelligent, well-considered comments and constructive criticism are welcome using the contact page.

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Writing the next books: What is Wrong with Us and Renaissance After far too long getting three books converted to epub, finding out about epublishing, selecting suitable sales channels, etc. I can now get back to my first love – writing. 2015-02-14.

Writing The Future is You I had been wanting to write this book for several years but did not have the courage. Then something happened that made me write it before it was too late. I had no choice if I wanted to get it out into the world. It poured out. Some days I would be typing like mad and thinking of other things. There was a definite split between my fingers pressing the keys and my conscious mind... 2015-01-15.

Writing: Travels in Turkey ebook I finished re-editing the typescript months ago and then converted that to epub format myself (OK, I’m a control-freak but the text does contain some foreign glyphs and characters so I embedded these in the ebook) and that epub version has been ready to read for weeks. The ebook is a detailed record of traveling through Turkey, with my partner... 2014-07-26.

Writing: On the Beach at Findhorn ebook My first published ebook, is for sale on Smashwords and is about what led me to go and live, work and think in a ‘Spiritual’ Community. 2014-06-10.

Writing the text of On the Beach at Findhorn I made the decision to go to the Findhorn Community in North Scotland after trying unsuccessfully to find meaningful work in our, generally, meaningless society... 2014-03-28.


The trials and tribulations of epublishing I have written most of my life, and tried to get published for many years with very little success. I tried epublishing my typescripts as ebooks but soon discovered that epublishing is an unbalanced mess where most of the resellers dictate the terms to the writers and make large profits out of them but as usual, the ones who produce the work, the writers, get very little except more and more things to attend to such as advertising, publicity, social-networking and more. 2016-03-29.

Why is Epublishing such a mess? I have spent nearly a year trying to understand what epublishing is and I have, time after time, come up against a wall of confusing comments, obfuscation, misinformation, double-speak in other words ‘smoke and mirrors’. I am all right at reading tax forms and pension scams schemes but when it comes to epublishing information I get somewhat perplexed. 2014-12-30.

Epublishing Problems Encountered I am trying to convert Travels in Turkey to epub format, which is difficult enough but far too much of my time recently has been used up coping with all the technicalities and legalities of ebook selling and these seem to take any sense of enjoyment out of trying to get epublished now. 2014-07-26.

Amazon Behaving Badly and for a major world-wide company with practically limitless access to money, that is worrying. 2014-06-30.

‘Value Added Tax’ on ebooks? I didn’t know that there was VAT charged on ebooks until recently – when I uploaded my first ebook for sale. 2014-06-27.