Keith Gascoigne




Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT)

Brithdir-Mawr and That Roundhouse

Electrical Smog (EMFs)

The Age of Healing by John Seymour

Edward Carpenter at Millthorpe

Philip Oyler (author of The Generous Earth)

France, Midi, Lot and the Dordogne

Lincoln Cathedral


Dialogue: a proposal by Bohm, Factor, Garrett

Peak District Mining Museum

Scarthin-Books, Cromford, Derbyshire

Verses on the Faith Mind - Chien-chih Seng-ts’an

what the ants are saying by Don Marquis


Thoughts on Authority

Domestic toxins

Sheffield Hallam University Alumni

Painting and Pastels


Making Windsor chairs



These are some of my interests, thoughts, experiences. The others will be added later: intentional communities; ecology; travel and the considered thoughts of others who have something valid to say - even though the majority of us do not listen.

Of course, the situation that we people find ourselves in has always occupied my mind. I studied most of the belief systems that most people follow and observed the actions of groups with power and how the majority of we people simply follow what they say and tell us to do.

We cannot continue to allow this to happen. The world is now too dangerous to ignore what politicians and groups with power are doing to us and our world.