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Political Incompetence – the Continuing Sad Saga

While our esteemed Prime Minister, his followers and politicians in general, make silly little laws to control everybody they miss the really important things such as making sure that the rivers and drainage systems in low-lying areas of our country are working properly, and now, in England, we have massive floods in the south east, the Thames valley and even north to the Trent valley.

People have had their homes damaged, their possessions ruined, cars wrecked and farmers have their land ruined and in some cases poisoned by mining and industrial run-off containing toxic chemicals so a lot of the farming land (and the rivers) are now badly polluted. Some farm animals have already been poisoned.

There is more massive expense that could so easily have been avoided if the politicians that we elect to do our thinking for us actually did some thinking for us – but obviously they didn’t and the little thinking that they did do they got all wrong yet again and so it goes on and on and on ad nauseam.

When I trained as an electrical engineer one of things that I was told again and again was, ‘If you can’t do the job then we’ll get somebody who can.’ I always did the jobs and did them properly (people lives would have been at risk if I hadn’t), so:

Why do politicians get it wrong time after time after time and yet still keep their jobs?

Come on people, we need an answer; why do we put up with continuing incompetence?

There is no answer to that question that does not make us all look pretty stupid – myself included.

Wake up to our collective stupidity and see that we simply cannot afford to keep blundering through like this, lurching from one crisis to another, then another, then another.

Politics is simply not working.


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Date: 2014-02-23.

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