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It was recently the elections for European candidates in England. I refuse to waste my time voting. I refuse to support a method that has proved time after time that its main aim is to support itself, make it’s members richer at the expense of the people who create all the real wealth in this now politically blighted country and in similarly blighted Europe.

I am much older than I really want to be. However, with age comes experience, knowledge and a growing awareness. In my case I have watched one political group after another taking care of itself repeatedly and at the same time pushing the masses of people down and I think it is time to stop this constant and persistent wrecking of our hopes, our lives, our health and the lives of our children.

We had Thatcher who sold off the water companies to private firms, destroyed a huge mining industry sending in the police who acted like a brutal, private army against workers who had, in the main, a valid point of view and all simply for someone in power to prove a point.

We had Blair who lied about what was happening in Iraq and took this country to war based on lies and deception.

We had Brown who left us with a mountain of debt.

We now have Cameron who is unethical, tells white fracking lies, looks after his friends, sells off Royal Mail at a knock-down price for his friends, taxes the masses to fund the already rich.

These are just a few of the PMs and politicians that we have all suffered over the last few years, the last few decades and more. Why do we bother to vote when the people we ‘put into power’ do the same things to us time after time after time? Are we all crazy? Do we enjoy being treated like idiots?

The present politicians are systematically destroying our education system by meddling with it until teachers don’t know what they are supposed to be doing and neither do the students some of whom are now paying enormous fees for this ‘education’ if they can afford it. The others can’t have a higher ‘education’ (but might be better off for that if they educate themselves).

The politicians have meddled with the health service with similar destabilizing, demoralizing results for most of the people who work in it and who have to use it.

We are being dumbed down by an increasingly useless education system because people with power, including the politicians, can control uneducated, ignorant people easily. That is nothing new.

The health service is being destabilized so that the politicians can then sell it off to their rich friends. The government take money from Big Pharma and dance like the puppets that they are. Once our National Health Service has been privatized, only the rich will be able to afford necessary treatment. The rest of will have to do what the unrich Americans now do in the US of A. Howl at the moon.

Similarly the agrochemical industry – once known as ‘farming’ or ‘agriculture’ – calls the tunes and the government dances like St Vitus.

If the politicians take money from the rich controllers then the politicians have to do as the controllers say. This is nothing new; it started before I was born and it goes on and on and on.

Unfortunately, most people are simply not bothered because they have been conditioned not to care. Their minds are rotting from too many easily obtainable narcotics:

Come on people. Open your eyes and see the rottenness of politics. There is another way for those who care.


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Tags: corruption, media-control, political-incompetence, political-myopia, unethical Capitalism.

Date: 2014-05-24.

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