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If you are new to this blog then please take time to read the posts from 2014. I think that many, if not all of them, have something important to say - if only people would listen.

Rotten Politics, Corruption

I was planning to continue with my blog posts on rotten politics and political corruption from last year but I could not face any more of the appalling, depressing and often unbelievable garbage from so-called intelligent people who control our lives. Reading about their antics makes me feel dirty so I decided to only comment on events which I think are enormously important to all of us and that really move me to comment. I would rather spend my time writing about how we can change this insane way of living. We do not have to live like this.

We can change politics peacefully, without violence


Tony Blair Tony Blair is very well-off, lives in a nice house, has a wife, has some children, is still alive, still well and still free. Unlike the countless thousands if not up to one million people killed, maimed, traumatized, by his crime to illegally invade Iraq in 2003. 2015-02-14.

Charlie Hebdo Like many, if not most people, I was shocked and horrified by the tragic events in Paris on January 7th. The cold-blooded killing of staff at the Charlie Hebdo office by two young men armed with automatic rifles took me some time to take-in - in a way similar to watching the images of the Twin Towers in America being destroyed. Initially it felt like a fiction but then reality cut in and also the horror. 2015-01-10.