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Welcome to my Writing Section

This section contains information about my typescripts, books and ebooks as well as future writing projects - and a little more.

On the Beach at Findhorn is based on my experiences living, working and being a part of the Findhorn Foundation ‘spiritual’ commmunity in the Highlands of Scotland. This was a part of my journey; it might be helpful to others.

Travels in Turkey, is about my independent travels through Turkey with my partner before mass tourism started to change people and the towns and villages where they lived irrevocably.

The Future is You, is about how we can, all of us, change the downward spiral of world society, simply, easily, legally and without recourse to tricks, smoke and mirrors and without violence.

What is Wrong with Us is being written at the moment and will be available soon. More in-depth, more hard-hitting (more desperate) than The Future is You because time is running out for a free world society. For the intelligent, aware and caring only.

Free epub samples (of around 20%) are available from the book pages. Print copies will be available soon. As an avid, life-long reader I know the pleasure of holding and reading a print book.

More books are planned; mainly logical fiction and also some short story collections.

Buying my ebooks

Please visit the Books page.

Why do I write?

Writing is not easy but I write because I have spent my life observing, listening, thinking and I am concerned by most of what I have seen. My books are mainly about how most of do not really understand what is happening to us, how we do not see the reality and how dangerous this now is in an over-technological world. One of my books, at least, includes an achievable way to put all this right - for those of us who care. I think that a small percentage of people in our world are concerned. My books are for them and anyone who feels that all is not quite right with us and that life could be so much better for people everywhere.

If you like my books, my ideas and topics or want to comment - even constructive criticism is welcome - then please contact me. Feedback does give me an incentive to keep writing.