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Writing: On the Beach at Findhorn ebook

My first ebook is for sale on Smashwords and is about what led me to go and live, work and think in a ‘Spiritual’ Community. Whether anyone is interested in reading it is another matter. It seems that being ‘spiritual’ is rapidly going out of fashion in the current ‘Greed Rules – OK’ culture that surrounds everyone of us now – no matter where you live (possibly with a few exceptions. If you live in one please let me know where it is).

I have bad dreams about what is going to happen to world society if it continues to slide down this path of rampant individualism which produces atrocious behavior by the few with money and power (wars, killings, wrecking of our planet for profit and greed) and the masses of us with no power, the majority of whom simply give in and say, ‘Why bother; what can I do about it?’ ‘Apathetic defeatists.’ I say.

Of course, our politicians make it worse for we the people of this increasingly polluted and fragile world. We have clowns in abundance in the British government; egos out of control slagging each other off in public like the spoiled brats that they are until their boss – our boss (unfortunately) tells them to be quiet. The lunatics have taken over the asylum; well, they’ve been running it for years while we all sit and watch like rabbits in a spotlight waiting for the gun to go off.

My ebook is about living well, living properly, living with people as equals, as one family; ‘right living’ as the true Buddhists say – although that might put many people off reading it. ‘Where does religion get anyone?’ Well, popular religion has got people in the mire that we are in, if they bother to look. It brought us two major world wars, millions butchered, the threat of more wars, riches for the few, subservience and suffering for the masses and so it goes. How much longer can we go on like this? If we do nothing then we will all be living in chains of our own making. We must like the idea if living in a prison because we are doing everything that we can to make one.

If you want to know and to really see what is happening then you need to give yourself time to see it; see beyond the veil of lies, the web of half-truths, the ubiquitous misinformation that assaults us day after day. Most people choose not to see it.

The strong-willed among us don’t need to go anywhere to see the truth but most people do need the right ambiance and that is fine. Going to a Spiritual Community could be the first step on a new journey to save our societies and the first step is the hardest and when you see the truth that the first step is also the last step that you will ever need to take then you see the truth of it all.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time there, just a week of being in peace, quiet and safety with like-minded people will start to erode the chains that most of us volunteer to carry. Give yourself a treat and go. Then give our world society a treat as well; help to make it sane.

On The Beach at Findhorn


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Published: 2014-06-10.