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What is Wrong with Us


Work in Progress

(April 2016: The typescript of What is Wrong with Us or what is written of it so far, is in an early draft stage and much more work is still needed to be done. I am still collecting information, which seems to be an endless task at the moment. A few people have asked me about this project, so this is a sort of progress report. Please send coffee, gofrets, sympathy and encouragement to: Mad Man in the Attic, Writing, Middle of Nowhere, British Isles, Western Europe, Our World.)


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ISBN: 978-0-9931510-n-n


Wake up, wake up. Our world is on fire
but not enough of us care

What is Wrong with Us will be of interest to only 5% of the reading, english-speaking and reading society. It is not for the unintelligent - they will simply not understand it. It is not for the intellectual - they will consider it too low-brow. The financially well-endowed will either tear it to shreds or ignore it hoping it will go away and die quietly and the rest are ‘too busy’ and don’t care.

This book is being written for the few aware and thoughtful people who know that something is seriously wrong with our world society and who might be prepared to do something to put it right. Reading this book will help point the finger in a suitable direction. A ‘How-To’ manual it certainly is not.

It will not be a comfortable book to read. I have been contentious in my attempt to wake people out of their terminal stupor. Very few people are bothered about the corrupting rottenness of our world society now and thinking is frightening for most people. The masses want spoon-feeding with dribblets of information, which is, more than often, misinformation. Others do not want their comfortable, little lives troubling, they hang on to the comforting safety of their pretty little back-yards with high fences to keep out the dragons not seeing that the dragons are already in there with them, deep within.

I have spent my long life observing, seeing, thinking and I am unsettled by what I have seen and still see. If you take time to look - really look - then you will be horrified by the nastiness, the evil actions of a few rich and powerful people who think that they are human beings. They are not; they are individuals who are really antihumans. They are the sickness, the cancer that is eating through the heart of humanity. It is both appalling and depressing but most people do not give a damn; they are the Neanderthal massess, the dumbed and the damned. Only the few who see and feel will do anything to stop this terminal disease.

Everything in this book is factual and provable. You will not find any shape-shifters, there are no green lizards to frighten or amuse you and all extra-terrestrials are ignored. For those who want those trivial diversions there are plenty of entertainers around to browse (take your own grass).

Soon, you will be able to download and read a short free sample by clicking on the image below (when it is ready):

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This sample will be a validated epub format version, suitable for viewing in all standard epub ereaders and in most, if not all, free ebook reader applications for your computer. If you like what you read then please buy the full book when it is completed and ready. If you care about world society you might mention this book to your interested friends. You can encourage me tremendously by emailing your interest to me. Writing into a void is increasingly difficult. A few kind words can work miracles.

Format: Initially, a paper-back book; later...

Availability: The paper-back book will be available in the British Isles (details later). An ebook format version might be available from a European distributer (more information later). It is hoped that this book will be available before the end of 2016. The writer has other interesting things to do (writing fiction, short stories, painting, music, getting away from his desk, et al) with what remains of his life. Writing is long; life short.

Language: Noah Webster’s simplified-spelling English (commonly called ‘American-English’). Other language versions might be available later, depending on requests and willing translators.

Genre: Factual - current world affairs, political, ethical, personal. In other words: Engaged philosophy, pointing the finger, while always grounded in our appalling current affairs - and what everyone (who cares) can do about it and this means you.

Readers: The few, the minority of intelligent, concerned human beings who still have a mind to think with and a heart to feel with.

Length: 75,000 - 100,000 well-chosen words.

Style: Contentious, a long view at what is wrong with us and another long view on correcting the wrong path we have and still are taking down the primrose-lined path to hell.

Topicality: High as more people realize that world society is degrading faster than politicians, bankers, media owners, our money, our health, our sanity, etc., etc., etc..

Join the small but growing number of people already aware of the problems we have all allowed to happen by default and who are working to improve society for ourselves, our children - the future. There simply are not enough of us at the moment and the few need all the support they can get.

Buy and read a copy before the world ends - a closing down sale of tremendous import - if anyone cares.

From the Foreword

“You are to blame for all this mess – you who just go to work (if you have a job) and eat and sleep and drink and watch TV and only see your own little back yard. You who just let others run the country for you without watching what these people do to you, your family and your children.

You who let others tell you how they will ‘educate’ your children and then turn them into unthinking robots.

You who let commercial companies produce your ‘food’ for you, then you end up eating shit.

You who let the rich banks charge you interest on any money you borrow from them (which they don’t have) take all your interest on your capital and keep it for themselves and tell you this is how it is when you think you need to borrow more fictitious money to live on.

You are all to blame just as the governments are really to blame for allowing unethical companies to make unbelievable profits in our countries and yet pay no tax at all by moving the money through several countries, then to one where the tax rate is zero while normal, hard-working people pay cripplingly high taxes to make up for this ‘legalized’ theft by the rich. Look in the mirror and feel shame.”

(K Gascoigne. A realization, while escaping from the commercial inanities in western Europe, to the foot-hills of the Olympus mountains, December 2013.)


The first step - Seeing the Truth

Part 1 What is wrong with us - Personal

1 Food: production, farming, agriculture
2 Health: physical, mental
3 Housing
4 Education

Part 2 What is wrong with us - Communal

5 Community
6 Language
7 Energy Production
8 Money - Banking
9 The Political System and we People (I am here with draft 1)

Part 3 Forward to the Light

10 An Alternative ...
11 Pending..............
12 Pending..............

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The contents and structure of the TS could, like life, change.