Keith Gascoigne


J Krishnamurti


Meditation by Giddu Narayan


Man is concerned with immediate problems - working for a living and putting up with the pollution, violence and corruption that are constantly around him. Corruption really means ‘breaking up’ and man observes this endless fragmentation of society.

Throughout the world powerful governments and societies produce a glut of soldiers, politicians, priests and all sorts of specialists to condition and control the minds of human beings. The result is fragmentation and mediocrity in vast numbers of people who are wholly concerned with their little problems from day to day. They are always in a state of worry, fear and anxiety.

Is it possible to deny this direction, to develop foresight to meet the challenges of life without getting crushed by them? You can only grasp the whole when you see that the little is not important and observe that it is you who have made the little so important.

One has to deny the little - that is, that which is false - to be able to see the need for a larger, longer and deeper vision. The little can never contain this vision because the vision is life itself.

© Giddu Narayan, As the river joins the ocean.

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