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“Climate change comes down to greed. The destruction of biodiversity comes down to greed but greed does not trouble the greedy.” - Jostein Gaarder.

Welcome to my website, which is aimed, mainly, at the small group of unhappy thinkers* in our world society. Ignorance is not only blissful but also dangerous in our corrupted and corrupting society. Our uncaring ignorance will condemn the future generation to a life of impoverished slavery; serving the rich and powerful who are greedy beyond belief. The greedy are unintelligent in the extreme. Who else but an idiot would destroy his only home, which is also our only home?

*The few of us who think about the poor state of our world society now are all unhappy because we know what is happening and why. The masses of ignorati live in a myopic fog of bliss like animals going to the abattoir to be turned into meat burgers (for the ignorati to consume).




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