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Those of us clever enough to go into politics (and don’t)
are governed by those of us who are not (and do)
(Plato, c423 - c347 BCE)

Some recent observations

Like many people in the once ‘United Kingdom’ (but now split into numerous factions) I have been looking at the so-called “Brexit” shambles with growing disbelief. How can these people with power over us behave with such ignorance, such stupidity, such lack of intelligence as the incomprehensible incompetents who sit in Westminster discussing, at great length, month after month, year after year, the fate of so many people?


We British people are now the laughing stock of Europe if not most of our world. I feel shame and embarrassment listening to the antics of people who are betraying us with their lack of knowlege, their lack of competence, their lack of professionalism and their total lack of compassion, but with ignorance and arrogance in abundance.


How many British people either living in the UK or mainland Europe are having their lives blighted by these obviously incompetent people? Countless people have no idea where they stand, what their futures might be, how much all these pointless delays might cost them when they simply want to get on with their lives.


When I was much younger, working in a responsible position, I was often told, by my superiors, “If you can’t do the job then we'll get someone who can.” Why are these irresponsible people still not doing the job that they are being paid to do? Why do we still have a ship of fools steering us over the edge?

It is often said that the people get the government that they deserve. NO-ONE deserves a government like the current British ‘government’. It is time for the May Marionette (and her family of marionettes) to go.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose
(Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr. 1808 - 1890.)

Sadly true in our exponentially-deteriorating society.


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